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TTC MARCONI is a certified partner and supplier of Technicolor’s Softswitch portfolio, as well as the same company’s Cirpack brand. This solution allows operators to offer all types of advanced telephone services – both broadband and traditional subscribers simultaneously – including ISDN, VoIP, IP Centrex and Fixed-Mobile Convergence with a migration route to IMS / TISPAN architecture. The CIRPACK solution includes softswitches and media / signalling gates providing reliability, scalability and regulatory functions for the mass deployment of broadband telephony and IP Centrex, as well as legacy PSTN infrastructure, with the provision of ISDN or POTS services. CIRPACK products are fully in accordance with all local protocol variants and regulatory requirements such as lawful interception, portability of numbers and emergency help lines.

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Tel.: +420 234 052 305
Fax: +420 274 814 747
E-mail: info@marconi.ttc.cz
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