Operators - Transmission Networks

Fibre-optic networks

Solutions to address the needs of the high-capacity transport of data and general telecommunications signals for extensive business networks are based on the company’s years of experience in the fields of energy and transport. Furthermore, these solutions, in contrast to carrier-class solutions, take account of the specific requirements of industrial communications whose operational units are spread over a number of localities along serial technological buildings and structures – we can guarantee very low delay of the communication channel and a high degree of security, which are necessary conditions for the reliable management of geographically widespread technological units in real time.

Microwave networks and links

Radio relay (RRL), and also microwave (MW) links consist of devices for the high-speed transmission of digital signals over distances ranging from hundreds of metres to tens of kilometres with the aid of a tightly routed bundle of radio waves, with low output in the 1-60 GHz band.

RRLs are deployed in extensive business networks for access to peripheral and remote nodes, and also as backbone transmission systems along serial technological buildings and structures. In such applications, RRLs are designed for the specific needs of industrial communication, and chiefly with guaranteed service availability comparable to fixed media.

The great advantage of RRL solutions is their ease and speed of implementation and ease of re-installation in new localities.

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