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Our VoIP-based communication control system draws on the company’s years of experience in the development and production of traditional control systems and applies all modern telecommunications trends. Workplaces such as control centre, operator or switchboard operator are today found in a number of locations in large companies in the fields of energy, transport or armed state bodies. Their application is not, however, restricted only to these areas of activity, and modern control systems can be applied in a number of other sectors.

Control systems facilitate voice communication between various end users, who can be located in different fixed or mobile networks of varying technological parameters. Communication is managed using IP. Applications allow groups of users to communicate independently in several conference rooms. The system is suitable for large corporations and medium-sized businesses, who value their modern concept, user-friendliness of call handling and high degree of reliability.

The number of participants in conferences is limited only by the hardware used and can be up to 120 simultaneous users. A further element used in the management of voice communication is the call queue, with various options for the handling and archiving of calls.

The control system utilises IP telephony standards (H.323 and SIP) and is fully compatible with all devices (gates, terminals and telephones) that support this standard. The device has been tested with Cisco Systems and Innovaphone. With the use of standard gates, the system terminal can also manage conference calls and conversations between subscribers to other voice networks (ISDN, PSTN, GSM). This product realises controller, operator, switchboard operator and receptionist workplaces, all of these with an emphasis on, chiefly, voice communication. The terminal is composed of the basic unit, user interface and optional accessories as required, and can be realised in a number of HW variants depending on environment, functionality requirements or habits of use. While individual HW components can be put together in virtually any combination desired, only a few most common configurations are used in practice.

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